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Discover Growing Beer Market

In 2016, totaled beer import rate in Korea hit a high record. As totaled number of $181,556 and increased nearly 28% from the previous year.

Meeting the Right Buyer

Major buyers from various beer related officials visit The Beer Expo Korea to build new business channels through collaborating with other business sectors.

Korea No.1 Beer Business Platform!

The International Beer & Equipment Industry Exhibition is the largest beer business event in Korean that exhibits beer, related equipment and sorts of accessories. Also, we managed to operate Business programs, tasting seminars and other events for related industry professionals that will provide opportunities for successful business exchange between industries.


  • Title : Int’l Beer & Equipment Industry Expo 2018 (Beer Expo Korea 2018)
  • Date : April. 26(Thur.) ~ 28(Sat.), 2018 / 3Days
  • - Business Day : April 26(Thur.) / Only Buyers
    - Business & Public Day : April 27(Fri.) ~ 28(Sat.) / Buyers & General visiotors
  • Venue : Coex Hall C, Seoul, Korea
  • Organizer : Korea Int’l Exhibition Co., Ltd

Exhibits Items


Domestic Brewed Beer / Overseas Brewed Beer(Non-Imported) / Imported Beer etc.


Brewing equipment / Micro Brewery / Transport / Cold chain / Packaging etc.


Raw Material
Hops / Malt / Enzyme / Yeast / Additives


Cellar / Dispenser / Glass / Accessory etc.


Embassies, Associations
Embassy in Korea / Trade-investment
promotion agency / Diplomatic office / Foreign organizations, etc


Service & Media
Beer Magazine / educational institution / On·Offline service etc.


Snack / Gourmet Food etc.

Post-show Report

Title International Beer & Equipment Industry Expo 2017
(The Beer Experience Seoul 2017)
Date & Time 2017. 4. 27(Thur.) ~ 29(Sat.)
 - Business Day : 2017. 4. 27(Thur.) ~ 28(Fri.) / 10:00 ~ 18:00
 - Public & Business Day : 2017. 4. 29(Sat.) / 10:00 ~ 17:00
Venue COEX Hall C3,4 / Seoul, Korea
Organizer Korea International Exhibition Co., Ltd
Scale 52 companies 103 booths
Exhibit Item Beer, Beer Equipment, Beer Accessory, Food, Embassy & Association, Service, Media etc.
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Programs & Events

Date Time Room Subject
April 27(Thur) 13:00~16:00 Seminar room Business for craft beer
April 28(Fri) 12:00~14:00 Seminar room Establishing a Craft beer pub business
(CEO of Amazing Brewery, Tae-kyung Kim)
12:00~14:00 Stage DISCOVER NEW & HOT BEER
(Beer Sommelier _ Han-seam Yoon, Jung-ha Kim, Bong-gyun Son)
April 29(Sat) 10:30~12:00 Seminar room European Sour Beer – Introduction and Tasting
(CEO of Win Beer, Jin-young Suk)
14:00~15:00 Seminar room Brew Your Own Beer at home! DIY Coopers Craft Beer Kit
(Brand Manager of Coopers Beer - KELLY)
14:00~16:00 Stage Korea Home-brewing Championship Awards

Details on Programs

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